Community Causes

A Helping Hand To Deserving Paws

June 22, 2021

Aside from assisting some of the amazing men, women, and children of our community; our Necaise Insurance team takes pride in being able to help our local animals as well.   It can be heartbreaking walking through our community only to see an animal suffering from maltreatment or neglect. Depending on the situation, there are […]

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A Mission of Hope!

March 17, 2021

Necaise Insurance is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive. That is why, in our first campaign as #AgentsOfChange, we have chosen to support Hope Mission of Carteret County. This non-profit organization is addressing the needs of the poor, the homeless, and those struggling with substance abuse. Hope Mission […]

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Working to Solve Hunger & Feed the Carolinas

December 18, 2020

Here at Necaise Insurance, we are on a mission to help meet the growing demand for food services in our community due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. As Agents of Change, we’re committed to finding those that could use a lift, and then giving our customers, business partners…and anybody else that cares, the ability to […]

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Caring For A Clinic In Our Community

September 26, 2020

During our ongoing campaigns, our goals have been to help provide assistance to individuals facing serious afflictions by supporting local initiatives that provide medical care to underprivileged families, improve the quality of life of children hospitalized for difficult disorders, and funnel resources toward research into cures and treatments for a broad range of conditions. The […]

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Restoring Hope for those in Need!

June 10, 2020

  We often take for granted how truly fortunate we are to wake up every morning in a warm bed, with a clean set of clothes to change into, and with a kitchen full of breakfast possibilities. There are many people who don’t have access to, what many of us consider, basic necessities. They often […]

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Necaise Insurance Joins Agents Of Change Movement

June 27, 2019

Necaise Insurance is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive. We are committed to being Agents of Change. Every 90 days we will be identifying a child, family, or group that could use a hand. A great number of people are going through hardship, even as you […]

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