Motorcycle Insurance

Good motorcycle insurance is tailored to the obvious, namely to financially protect bike riders of a myriad of vehicle types, from the usual motorcycle and street bikes to motocross, mopeds and so on. Owners of motorcycle take advantage of insurance to safeguard themselves from liability vulnerability in the case of accidents and from the consequences of theft, vandalism and other kinds of potential loss.

Some Details about Legality

Pretty much all states mandate that owners carry insurance for motorcycles in order that their motorcycle be able to be registered and legal for street-riding. Minimum coverage standards vary by state, but coverage for bodily injury and property damage is generally accepted to be what one is required to obtain.

What It Covers

Normally, this kind of coverage will compensate for some or all of the costs of repairing or replacing a damaged motorcycle. It will also safeguard you should there be damage done to another driver or his or her property and can help with legal expenses associated with these events.
There is a myriad of types of motorcycle coverage including liability, collision, comprehensive and medical payment coverage.
Liability coverage protects the policyholder should he or she be deemed at fault for the accident. In such an instance, liability is what pays for damages to another individual (physical, bodily damage) or property.
Collision coverage pays out for the costs of repair or replacement of your motorcycle, regardless of fault. Should even the other driver be determined to be at fault, your insurance company will normally pay to replace or repair your bike.
Comprehensive is what pays out to a policyholder for losses to a motorcycle that fall outside of a road accident. This would include vandalism theft, severe weather and other forms of naturally destructive perils.


Despite the fact that motorcycle insurance is often required by law, it is wise to carry this coverage fully so as to protect your bike and yourself financially in the event of an accident.